You know visiting your dentist is important, but why are routine teeth cleanings and check-ups so beneficial? As helpful as flossing, brushing, and rinsing are to your oral health, they are no substitute for routine dental exams. Even though your smile is an integral part of your body, you can’t see every nook and cranny—even if you could, you may not be able to identify when things go wrong. Your dentist can help spot areas of concern and improve the health of your pearly whites.

Dntl bar makes it easy for you to book general dental services, routine checkups, and advanced procedures like implants. With convenient nighttime and weekend appointments that fit your schedule, you can finally know what it feels like to be at the center of your dental care. We strive to make going to the dentist a more pleasant and accessible experience. Interest-free payment plans, membership pricing, and insurance verification make it easy to understand what your care may cost. 

what is a routine dental exam?

At dntl bar, a routine dental exam is a complete in-depth evaluation of your teeth and gums. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that most people get two routine yearly exams and cleanings. Based on your specific needs, your dentist will tell you if you need more than two exams per year. People requiring additional teeth cleanings and dental exams may have more intricate oral health issues requiring extra care and maintenance. These routine dental exams are essential for protecting your oral health and overall health as they may become more painful and serious if not treated promptly.

A dentist and a dental hygienist perform teeth cleanings and check-ups. While a dentist is a doctor specifically trained in caring for the teeth and gums, a dental hygienist is a healthcare professional trained to clean the teeth correctly. Dental hygienists can also teach their patients the best practices for maintaining good oral health.

Routine dental exams are used for much more than just caring for the teeth. These routine dental exams are used to look out for tooth decay, disease in the mouth and gums, and early-onset oral care issues. If an issue arises, it is best to catch it as early as possible to prevent the problem from spreading or becoming more serious.

Apart from being useful as a preventive step, attending your routine dental exam can help educate you on the best ways to care for your oral health at home and in your everyday life.

what will happen during a routine dental appointment?

During your routine cleaning and dental exam at dntl bar, your dentist will go through a series of services with you to ensure they are not missing anything important, such as:

  • An oral cancer screening – This screening is very beneficial to keep for your record. Many times, symptoms of this disease can go unnoticed. During an oral cancer screening exam, your dentist will take an in-depth look at the inside of your mouth to check for abnormal patches or mouth sores.
  • X-rays – Each dntl bar location features a state-of-the-art panoramic X-ray machine for our dental X-rays. These X-rays can view the jaws, teeth, sinuses, nasal area, and jaw joints. These images can conclude various dental issues such as impacted teeth, abnormalities, cysts and tumors, and infections.
  • A full in-depth teeth cleaning – During your professional teeth cleaning, your dental professional will clean and remove any plaque build-up on your teeth and around your gums.
  • Your specifically tailored treatment plan – After your exam, the clinical team will tell you what to do to ensure the best dental health at home and in-office.

Your routine dental exam and cleaning are integral to keeping your oral health in tip-top shape. Jointly, with the proper at-home care and routine exams with a dental professional, you are on the right track to better oral health.

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