What Is Earth Day?

Every year on April 22 we celebrate what is known as Earth Day. Earth day is a worldwide observance of the actions needed to change human behavior and create changes and awareness surrounding the state of our environment on planet earth. As of late, the fight for a clean environment continues with increasing urgency as climate change becomes more and more evident every day.

Why Is Earth Day Important?

It is especially important to continue the tradition and observances of Earth Day to ensure that more and more people learn to adopt new habits that can help. Remember, it does not have to be April 22 to keep up with sustainability efforts- you should “celebrate” Earth Day every day!

What is dntl bar doing for sustainability?

Although we are all things dentistry, sustainability is incredibly important to us. We believe that as a company that changes lives for the better, it is our duty to be socially conscious with our sustainability efforts. Every time a patient comes in for their routine cleaning, we donate to organizations that help promote sustainability and ensure our environment stays healthy.

Additionally, as you may know we have recently launched an in-store product line. It was extremely important to us to partner with brands that also are creating a social impact with an importance for sustainability. Most of the products in our third-party product line are made from recycled materials and encourage patients to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

Here’s what you can do to help

Do Not Use Single-Use Plastics

Not only will plastics always find a way to find their way into the natural environments (like the ocean) but their toxic chemicals can also be found in our bodies and our food. By making minor changes such as using a reusable grocery bag or drinking out of glass straws or water bottles you will be taking the right steps towards a happier and healthier earth!

Avoid Products with Harmful Chemicals

Many products such as personal care products, household cleanings or even oral care products can be very harmful to the environment. Most of these chemicals can not be broken down naturally therefore leading to them lingering around in the environment forever. Instead, try using natural or organic products such as natural toothpastes, toothbrushes, flosses etc. It also helps to support businesses who support sustainability. If you are interested in using natural oral care products visit your local dntl bar location and take a look at our new sustainable product line. Additionally, if you are at dntl bar getting your routine clean, we will give you a swag bag post visit with some of our very own sustainable oral care products!

Do Your Research

Interested in becoming more socially conscious but do not know where to start? You can start making a difference by researching what steps to take in order to better your community or how to make individual changes that can be helpful to the planet.

Interested in checking out our sustainable oral care products? Click here to find out more about us and how to connect with us IRL!

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