We get it, people dread the dentist. The dentist can often be anxiety inducing or even simply a bother to fit into your schedule if you are not experiencing pain, or an emergency. People often try to find excuses to avoid visiting their dentist for their routine teeth cleaning, but the reality is that it is a necessary part of your routine wellness check-ups.

Your routine teeth cleaning (which most need every 6 months) is just as important as one may view cleaning their living space in the spring time for a fresh start. Read on to learn more about what makes those routine teeth cleanings so essential to getting a better understanding of your oral health!

You are prepping your smile for the summer time!

It is no surprise that people are generally happier in the summer time, resulting in more summer smiles! To make sure your smile is in the best condition, be sure to book your routine dental teeth cleaning and exam at dntl bar. It is common that a bacterial film called plaque may form on your teeth and gums from time to time. Plaque is considered to be potentially harmful because it can eat away at your enamel and lead to an increase in cavities. If you do not get the plaque around your teeth removed routinely it can harden and turn into tarter or calculus. Not only are you preparing your smile cosmetically by removing plaque and tarter around the gumline, but you are also getting ahead of any potential health risks such as gum disease.

Unfortunately, a person’s at-home oral care routine can not remove plaque as efficiently as a professional dental cleaning. With the combination of both at-home and in-office oral hygiene, you can greatly avoid these complications. If there are any dental complications found during your visit your dentist will help you get those issues taken care of before they may worsen.

How Dntl Bar’s Clinical team can help

 During your ‘welcome clean’ or your ‘routine clean’ visit at dntl bar, the dntl bar clinical team will perform a thorough teeth cleaning and evaluation of your teeth and their current condition. If there are any causes for concern your treatment plan coordinator will discuss next steps, and some options for you to choose from. Dntl bar prides itself on being transparent, giving the patient all necessary information before deciding on the most suitable treatment plan for you.

Better sooner than later

The ultimate objective of seeing your dentist every six months is not just to say hello, but to ward off any problems that may be going on in your mouth. Oral care complications such as tooth decay (cavities) and periodontal disease (gum disease) can lead to bigger issues like pain and tooth loss—and they are very much avoidable!

Make it a routine to see your dentist for a cleaning and exam. After all, it can help prevent these issues from ever arising, or at the very least stop them from getting worse.

Need to get a routine cleaning on the calendar? Click here to book your next appointment with a dntl bar professional!

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