welcome to the dntl bar+ membership!

we created this membership because we’re on a mission to change the dental industry & how YOU experience it. we truly believe in providing people with more affordable care and accessibility with and without insurance. now that’s dental for the people.

See the benefits below and we hope to see you soon.

the dntl bar+ membership includes:

most people need minimum of two cleanings & check-ups per year & both are included in this package. if your dntl bar dentist recommends you get more than two teeth cleanings & check-ups per year, they will also be included.

all the preventive & diagnostic care you need

  • teeth cleanings
  • routine check-ups & exams
  • annual diagnostics & x-rays

discounted services

  • 20% on all whitening services
  • 15% on all dental work (including teeth straightening!)

specialty consultations include veneers, teeth straightening & implants

discounted products

  • 10% off all in-store products

exclusive access to our partner perk program

exclusive discounts & promotions to coveted wellness & beauty brands.

$39 per month or $425 annually

book your appointment & sign up in store today!