February is National Pet Dental Health Awareness month! So in this week’s blog post, we’re bringing you some information on why oral care for pets is important!

First some facts- according to a study conducted by Petco, 61% of dog parents say they never brush their dog’s teeth, but routine dental care at home is critical to maintaining your dog’s health. In fact, dental disease affects approximately 80% of dogs (Source: Packaged Facts: “Pet Oral Care Services and Products in the U.S.” 3rd Edition, 2018.).

Veterinary dentists often perform many similar procedures as our own dntl bar dentists do on humans. These dental services include teeth cleanings and dental exams, tooth extractions and root canals. Outside of your regular vet visits, it is important to keep up with their oral care routine at home!

Why pet’s need an oral care routine

Just like humans, neglecting a pet’s oral care routine can lead to both dental issues & other serious medical issues down the line. Tartar buildup and gum disease is very common among our pets. Gum disease can lead to pain and discomfort for pets, and may also be a precursor to more serious health problems such as kidney, liver or heart disease.

Think of regular vet visits like your routine visits at the dentist. Outside of your routine visits to the dentist, you still have an oral care routine at home where you are brushing daily. Our pets need this too- it is recommended that pet’s have least twice weekly for your pet.

Just like humans, pets can develop decay & disease if their teeth are not taken care of. If you notice your pet suffering from any of the following symptoms, make an appointment with your veterinarian professional immediately

  • Swollen or red gums
  • Trouble chewing
  • Excess drooling
  • Ulcers or abnormal growths on the tongue or gums
  • Loose teeth or pawing at the mouth
  • Excessive sneezing and nasal discharge

These all may be signs your pet has a tooth infection.

Impacts on your pet’s oral care health outside of brushing

While many veterinary dentists can agree that proper brushing and overall health can impact your pet’s teeth, food can also play a role in the condition of the mouth and teeth. Just like human food, ingredients and foods high in carbohydrates turn to sugars and speed up the process of tooth decay, therefore, causing cavities. Fortunately, your pet’s vet can consider their specific dietary needs and recommend a brand or formula of food that’s best for all of your pet’s health concerns, including their specific dental needs. Additionally, certain treats can positively contribute to your pets oral care health.

Human’s need to maintain their healthy smiles too. Click here to book your next appointment at dntl bar.

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