the dntl bar difference

Our Chief Dental Officer along with our internal clinical education team has developed an in-depth clinical quality training program & clinical reviews to ensure you always get the very best care.

This ensures our team members perform not just to meet traditional industry standards but to exceed them & this is what we call the ‘dntl bar difference’.

Dr. Ben El Chami,
Co-Founder & Chief Dental Officer

“I only hire dentists that I would trust to do dental work on my mouth knowing what I know about dentistry & clinical quality.” –
Dr. Ben Elchami

Dental is for the people not our pockets

We’re about transparency. Many of the traditional dentists out there get paid based on the amount of dental work they perform. Our team is never incentivized to over-diagnose because we’re all about our customers’ needs, not our company’s bottom line.

Instead, our team is paid a competitive base salary with the opportunity to get bonuses based on customer satisfaction. This is the reason we all got into the business – to take care of people & their mouths with comfort and quality care.

Does working based on customer satisfaction and experience sound like why you got into dentistry? Come join our movement!

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Modern tech for each and every smile

Staying up to date with the latest & most modern tech allows us to precisely diagnose & perform dental procedures. Plus more information & data allows for an even higher level of technical quality

The best tech means your receiving the highest quality and comfort with every visit!

Our mission is to serve you & your smile.

We wanted to start a new movement in dentistry that is centered around you. We got tired of practices that benefited from over-diagnosing, so we decided to create a place with transparency. We didn’t like how old offices created a scary environment, so we built modern lounges and entertainment systems for comfortable visits. We were yearning for better tech, so we invested in the best. We wanted to work with driven individuals, so we hired the highest quality team. We wanted to make the whole dental experience better for everyone, so we started dntl bar.

dntl Bar has moved all operations to Chelsea location! Text 1-646-969-5632 or email to modify or schedule appointments.