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straightening made easy.

with all the teeth straightening options out there, it can be confusing to figure out which
one to pick or where to go. we get it, and that’s why we make it simple + affordable.
for as little as $200/month* you can get straighter teeth with dentist visits embedded
in your journey to ensure the most successful outcome for you.

  • book a complementary straightening evaluation and within 30 minutes we will perform a thorough evaluation to assess your unique case. this includes a quick , yet thorough, 1-minute oral scan with our 360-degree digital wand.

  • your dentist will then discuss your smile print to show you how and where your alignment will shape up as well as the best straightening plan for you.

  • a dedicated care manager will work with you to create a custom treatment & payment plan based on your needs.

*based on an average case, price may vary depending on your particular needs.