Everyone’s talking about seasonal depression but did you know the winter months could actually affect your smile? According to many Top NYC dentists, the colder months can increase tooth sensitivity & impact your overall oral health. It is essential to take extra care for your teeth through the end of the year, so we put together a guide to help you care for your smile during these cold, winter months.

Here are some tips from our dntl bar clinical team:

Routine teeth cleanings can help

Winter in New York City can be rough! If you are due for a routine teeth cleaning & check-up it is important that you make an appointment to see a dentist in your area!

Taking measures to protect & strengthen your tooth enamel will help reduce sensitivity & promote great overall oral health during the cool weather months.

Taking care of your smile outside of the dentist office

Our dntl bar dentists recommend keeping up with your at-home oral care routine to reduce sensitivity & protect your smile from the cold, even when life gets busy with all the holiday parties & events. 

At home, your teeth should be cleaned at least twice daily using a soft bristled toothbrush and mildly flavored toothpaste. Using a strong minty flavored toothpaste or mouthwash may further irritate your symptoms. If you are looking for new oral care products, you can always ask the dntl bar team or one of the dntl bar dentists for their recommendations based on your specific needs.

dntl bar’s Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Ben El Chami suggests using Sensodyne Toothpaste, M.I Paste, and or using a soft or extra soft bristled toothbrush to help alleviate some sensitivity. Many of our dntl bar dentists often recommend these types of toothpastes if you have weakened enamel or tooth sensitivity. In the colder months, these conditions can be even more uncomfortable; meaning, you should be giving these symptoms a bit more attention than you normally would.

During the winter you may also want to avoid at-home teeth whitening kits since these may contain some abrasive ingredients & can increase your tooth sensitivity. If you’re interested in teeth whitening services before your holiday events, it is best to visit a professional dentist. At dntl bar, we offer a special Express Whitening teeth whitening service that is a quick & minimal, yet highly effective way to get a brighter smile. It is great for those that are prone to sensitivity! Plus, your dntl bar dentist will be monitoring your entire treatment, and do everything to make it as comfortable as possible.

Enjoying the holiday treats without sacrificing your oral health

The winter time can come with lots of sugar, sweets & drinks which can erode enamel & make your teeth even more sensitive to the winter weather.

Pro tip: Carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you to work and brush after meals and snacks. Do not brush immediately after consuming acidic beverages or food; Instead rinse your mouth with plain water or low fluoride containing rinse (i.e ACT) and brush after half an hour for two minutes.

Soothing the signs

Our dntl bar dentists always recommends brushing with care. Aggressive brushing can lead to weakened enamel & exposed nerves, which may lead to even more sensitivity. Being gentle is very important while brushing your teeth. Make sure you are being delicate with your smile during your regular teeth cleaning time in the morning and night.

Try these tips and tricks to sooth your teeth sensitivity:

  • Get a night guard to avoid teeth grinding at all costs – this can erode your enamel and cause further irritation
  • Take a break from your teeth whitening treatments or opt for a professional express whitening treatment, overseen by a dntl bar dentist
  • Use a desensitizing paste like M.I paste
  • Ask your dntl bar dentist about bondings to cover exposed areas of recession
  • Ask your dntl bar dentist about laser treatments to reduce tooth sensitivity

While there are many tips you may find on the internet it is best to speak to your dntl bar dentist about best practices tailored to your case specifically.

Stay warm, stay hydrated, and most importantly stay healthy! Click here to book your next dntl bar exam.

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