5 common causes of tooth sensitivity

Our team of dentists at dntl bar have come together to share common causes on tooth sensitivity. At dntl bar, we frequently see our patients dealing with symptoms of tooth sensitivity & it can often get in the way of your everyday activities such as eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. These symptoms can be described as sharp pains in and around your teeth & gums. Many times, this discomfort can be caused by an exposed nerve, a cavity, gum disease or more. Read on for some of the most common causes of tooth sensitivity & how you can reduce the discomfort.

If you experience tooth sensitivity it may be due to one of the following causes:

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding can become a serious issue when it comes to dental complications. At dntl bar, many times our patients do not even realize they are grinding their teeth until the complications become major. Stress grinding or night time grinding are both extremely common examples of tooth grinding. If you sense that you may be grinding your teeth, talk to your dntl bar dentist about it. At dntl bar, we offer custom, made to order night guards to help prevent teeth grinding therefore reducing sensitivity & keeping your enamel strong. Your dental professional will talk you through your best options and connect you with a dntl bar treatment plan coordinator to discuss your treatment’s next steps.

Acidic food and drink

Drinking and eating certain foods high in acidity may also contribute to teeth sensitivity. Your tooth’s enamel may break down over time from the effects of the harsh acidity. dntl bar’s team of expert NYC dentists always recommends to swish your mouth with water after enjoying an acidic treat. Another dntl bar oral care tip: if you are able to, it is best to brush your teeth and floss after you eat.

Teeth whitening treatments

If you have ever had a teeth whitening treatment either at home or in a dental office, you know that sensitivity may come along with the treatment. dntl bar offers a specialized whitening treatment perfect for those with who have experienced sensitivity in the past. This specialized service is called the express whitening treatment and is more gentle on the enamel than other professional whitening treatments. Apart from whitening in general, you may want to consider an in-office whitening so that the treatment can be overseen by a professional dentist. The dntl bar clinical team will also protect your gums by blocking the product from reaching the areas prone to sensitivity.

Brushing too hard/bristles are too hard

Every professional dentist can agree that a person’s brushing technique has a huge impact on their oral health. The American Dental Association, or the ADA, recommends brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush because they minimize the risk of gingival abrasion. If you think you may have an exposed nerve talk to your dntl bar dentist- they may recommend specific products that can soothe the sensitivity.

Cracked tooth

Cracked teeth are also a common cause of sensitivity. While most tooth cracks will not be visible to the naked eye, it is important to go to your professional dentist to get an exam if you think you may have a cracked tooth. Dntl bar offers same day emergency exams for cases such as cracks, chips, wisdom teeth and more.

Dntl bar’s clinical team has seen many dental emergencies usually resulting from biting on something very hard, such as an ice cube or popcorn kernel. Typically, cracked teeth will cause pain with biting pressure and pain during chewing as well as sensitivity to heat or cold.

Most people experience mild to moderate sensitivity throughout their lifetime. In case the sensitivity persists or becomes severe visit your dntl bar dentist immediately.

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