Teeth Cleanings
and Checkups


Getting your teeth cleaned regularly is one of the most important elements of supporting good dental health, along with regular dental checkup appointments. Teeth cleaning services can help remove stubborn plaque, even if you take fantastic care of your teeth. Plus, dental exams give your dentist the chance to make sure everything is in order. Gum diseases, oral cancer, and other problems can be hard to detect on your own, but regular exams can help your dentist spot them easily.

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what are teeth cleaning services?

Also called dental cleanings or oral cleanings, there are various types of teeth cleanings. Depending on the amount of tartar and plaque build-up on teeth, a dentist will perform one of these types of teeth cleanings:

  • Prophylaxis dental cleaning – The word prophylaxis means “to prevent disease.” These teeth cleanings clean healthy teeth to prevent them from becoming affected by gum disease or tooth decay issues. 
  • Scaling and root planing cleaning – Also called deep cleanings, this type of teeth cleaning cleans the teeth and gum pockets to treat gingivitis and periodontitis. Deep cleanings for gingivitis are typically completed in a single dental appointment. Deep cleanings for periodontitis may require multiple appointments.
  • Periodontal maintenance cleaning – This type of teeth cleaning helps treat gum disease. Like scaling and root planing, it removes excess plaque and tartar from the tooth surface and gum pockets. What sets periodontal maintenance cleanings apart is that they are usually performed more often than other dental cleanings.
  • Debridement cleaning – This type of teeth cleaning is the most intense, cleaning teeth that have copious amounts of plaque and tartar. Since plaque hardens into tartar and large amounts of tartar are especially stubborn, an electrical tool loosens tartar during debridement cleanings.

Teeth checkup services are essential because patients need trusted dentists to check their teeth, and to recommend what type of oral cleaning they need and how often they need them done. Dental cleanings are necessary to ensure that a patient’s teeth and gums are healthy. There is also a connection between oral health and overall health, so regular teeth cleanings can improve overall well-being.

who can provide teeth checkup services?

Teeth checkup services are the most popular services for many dentists and hygienists. A typical dental checkup visit usually includes the following oral health care activities:

  • Oral exams by a general dentist or dental hygienist – Remember that hygienists cannot diagnose tooth or gum problems but can document them. That’s why general dentists are typically the primary dental professionals that handle checkups. Hygienists can document any changes in overall oral health and clean and polish teeth. General dentists also conduct an oral exam of gums and teeth, look for signs of oral cancer and other diseases, diagnose oral health problems, and make treatment recommendations.
  • Dental cleaning – Most hygienists use metal hand instruments to clean teeth. Some use ultrasonic scalers, which provide deep cleaning above and below the gum line.
  • Polishing – After the teeth are clean, they are polished to remove plaque and stains on the tooth surface. The polish contains an abrasive substance, and hygienists apply fluoride using a small rotating rubber cup or brush attached to a specific dental handpiece.
  • Prevention – Hygienists and general dentists might offer additional instructions for patients to follow at home, based on the results of oral exams.

X-rays may be a part of a dental checkup. A general dentist will consider a patient’s oral exam, dental history, and risk for developing cavities to decide how often they need X-rays.

when should you consider dental cleanings?

It depends on your particular oral needs. Some people are more prone to having dental issues, making it necessary to see a dental professional more often for checkups and dental cleanings. Others will experience hardly any dental problems at all, so they will likely need to have their teeth cleaned less frequently.

However, general guidelines state that you should make an appointment for a professional dental cleaning every six months.

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