Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Toothbrush

dental products at dntl bar, pick some up so you don't share your toothbrush

Sharing is not caring when it comes to your toothbrush. We know there can be instances when your toothbrush may not be around. You may find yourself at an impromptu sleepover with a date, or you forgot to pack it for your last-minute vacation. Whatever the reasoning is, it is best to avoid even thinking […]

4 Ways to Brush Your Teeth Like an NYC Dentist

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Oral care shouldn’t be hard. With so much information available now, however, it can be challenging to remember the best way to approach your at-home routines. Learning how to take care of your smile like an NYC dentist can help you achieve and maintain the bright, warm glow you’ve been dreaming of. If your teeth […]

3 Teeth Whitening Tips

a person sits outside smiling after learning teeth whitening tips

Having pearly white teeth can do wonders for your confidence. You can find many over-the-counter teeth whitening products, but they may seem confusing to use or may not yield the results for which you are looking. Following effective teeth whitening tips can help you give your teeth the glow-up they deserve. Your smile isn’t the […]

Is Flossing Actually Important?

a person flosses and smiles after researching "is flossing important"

With so much going on today, it can be challenging to remember everything people should include in their self-care regimen. While skincare routines and screen use timers are popular, it can be easy to forget that oral health is vital to a happy, healthy life. When trying to save time, many people ask, “Is flossing […]